Dreaming of summer, Kona, Hawaii

I was lucky enough to visit Hawaii several years back, and found it to be a really fantastic place with friendly, welcoming people. Honolulu was a little too urban for me, but the Big Island was perfect. One evening I stepped out of a supermarket in Kona to this view, and managed to take one shot before the setting sun disappeared altogether.DSCN2532.JPG

15 thoughts on “Dreaming of summer, Kona, Hawaii

  1. See, this is how much of a bad friend I am – I don’t even remember you going to Hawaii!

    I know what you mean about taking photos of the sun setting over the ocean. I got super excited about that the first time I went to WA.

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    1. Oh this was about 5 years ago, nothing recent unfortunately πŸ™‚ Although it’s one place I’m keen to go back to. I’ve never been to WA but that’s also on the bucket list. I have to say though, a full moon coming up over the ocean is pretty spectacular too.


    1. Thank you. It’s an untouched picture so very true to the real colours. We only visited the Big Island and Oahu but I’d love to go back someday to see the other islands. It’s a fantastic place and stand-up paddleboarding with turtles at Kona is one of my best travel highlights.


  2. Beautiful Shot! Kona was a place we used to come to multiple times a year and we finally made the move from Washington State to Kona 5 years ago and have loved every minute with zero regrets! Our family come to visit Kona now! Thanks for the post! For you’re memories to come flooding back, check out Kona-Hi.com. I have lots of pictures!! πŸ™‚

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