What inspires you? Part 2 – outback flowers, New South Wales

2006-10-01 Outback flowers.JPG

I took this photo on a remote cattle station in the pastoral country between Broken Hill and Wilcannia, far west New South Wales. The bright little flowers are such a stark contrast to the red dirt in this semi-arid part of Australia. It’s one of the reasons I’m so fascinated with Australia and using it as inspiration for my writing. It opens up so many possibilities for worldbuilding and unique settings in fantasy fiction – I feel so lucky that I’m in a position to explore it.

So, please share with me, what inspires you? If you write, where do you get ideas for your stories and settings?

6 thoughts on “What inspires you? Part 2 – outback flowers, New South Wales

  • My first novel – Vokhtah – was very much inspired by Australia. Innerscape less so, but I hope the flavour of /us/ comes through. This country is unique, and in many ways, so are we. 🙂

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  • I save photos that I find to a special folder called Writing Inspiration. I am particularly fascinated by old, derelict houses. Looking at the images, a story starts to build in my head about the people who live there. Several years back, before Liane Moriarty was as famous as she is now, I remember reading one of her novels and getting excited because she spoke of Turramurra, the suburb I grew up in. It was so refreshing to read a novel that spoke of places I knew so intimately. I even wrote her an email telling her so and received a lovely email back.

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    • Thanks for your comments, Michelle. I like the idea of a Writing Inspiration folder, and that’s an interesting approach to use derelict houses. I get similar inspiration from landscape photos, finding unusual and unique places to use as settings, and building from there.

      I agree, it’s always nice reading about familiar places, and that’s fantastic that Liane Moriarty wrote back to you 🙂


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