Leaf curling spiders in the Aussie scrub

Spider web in the Australian scrub

I spent last weekend in a special little corner of Australia where the bush meets the ocean. There were lots of leaf-curling spiders’ webs around, but this one caught my attention because of the haphazard looking extension ‘downstairs’.

The homeowner, which would be a member of the orb-weaving spider family, was carefully tucked away inside its leaf. Can you spot it? It’s the brown curl in the middle of the big round web at the top.

5 thoughts on “Leaf curling spiders in the Aussie scrub

  • I don’t like him or any of his brothers, sisters, cousins or friends….especially his golden relatives! Ugh! I won’t walk out to my compost at night because one of them is bound to get on me and I just know I will lose my mind. I can’t stand the thought of any kind of spider getting on me at all! I’ve actually stopped walking in the national park if I know I’ll get home late because I feel like that’s when they’ll “get” me, like they’re just sitting there, hatching a plan to attack me at the first chance they get! I feel uncomfortable coming home from a run after dark because I know there’s like 20 of them strung across the road about 10 metres off the ground in trees that are hanging out over the road. Obviously they’re nowhere near me and I know that, but still, it makes me feel icky just knowing they’re there and I can’t see them. I’ve always been scared of creepy crawlies, which is pretty much the stupidest thing of all time coming from someone who has spent a lot of time working in entomology. Sometimes when I see really big spiders it makes me want to vomit if you can believe that! Thank god I’m not scared of snakes otherwise I’d never be able to go outside!


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