Reaching for the stars – writing Australian fantasy

Hunting for riches in a foreign land, a disgraced mercenary must marry a young matriarch who is hiding the fateful legacy of her enchanted silveriron tattoo.

Skeleton outline of a gumleaf
Leaf skeleton in the bush

I recently finished the first draft of my current work in progress Binding the Strays, which sees the mercenary protagonist selling himself into a ‘binding’ (marriage) with a young pastoralist, who takes him away from his poverty-stricken country and introduces him to the flourishing matriarchy of her own country.

Being a fantasy story, there’s whispers of magic, and plenty of settings and characters inspired by Australia’s countryside and history. The twist on social hierarchy and arranged marriages has been a fun one to explore.

At the moment I’m close to finishing my first read through, to get a feel for areas that need more attention, then I’ll pick up the red pen and get stuck into the second draft. I tend to knock out my first drafts without much description of settings, so one of my first jobs is to add flesh to the skeleton.

What are you writing at the moment? What approach do you use to revise and edit your work?

I look forward to your thoughts and advice in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Reaching for the stars – writing Australian fantasy

  • That’s exciting! Good on you 🙂 I’ve just completed my second manuscript, One Foot After the Other. This time I only did a brief re-read and a quick fix-up before passing it on to my trusty beta reader who can otherwise be known as This Cool Guy I’m Married to. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it after that. I’d like to get it professionally edited, so I’m going to launch a crowd funding campaign to fund the process of getting it published.

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    • Thank you! I was really glad to get it all down on paper but the last few chapters were written in a rush so need a fair bit of reworking. I’ve done one read-through and about to start a red-pen edit, with some beta-reading in progress too. I’m thinking I’ll put the second draft away for a bit while the beta-reading is in progress, then look at it with fresh eyes for another draft, look at getting it professionally edited then hopefully start submitting it.

      Congrats on finishing your second manuscript! That’s awesome 🎉 The Cool Guy must be an old hand at beta reading now 😎

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