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About me

Horses silhouetted against sunrise

I’m an Australian fantasy writer inspired by the environment and folklore of this great southern land.

My writing is influenced by my experiences living and travelling in rural Australia. My stories explore animal behaviour and the human-animal bond, coming from over 20 years working in the animal industry, including as a veterinary nurse, stablehand and puppy school teach­er.

I graduated with an Advanced Diploma of Arts in Professional Writing from the Adelaide College for the Arts, South Australia. I was selected to attend Bryce Courtenay’s Last Masterclass in September 2012, and have also attended Fiona McIntosh’s fiction masterclass, and her business of writing workshops and 2019 National Conference.

My bookshelf includes authors such as Fiona McIntosh, Glenda Larke, Joe Abercrombie, Brent Weeks and Robin Hobb.

31 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog. It appears that we have similar interests – fantasy, animals and writing – albeit mine is UK centred whereas yours is Southern Hemisphere. I look forward to reading more of your material in the near future. You may be interested in my forthcoming novel (Jan 2016 release) entitled ‘The Door to Caellfyon’.

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  2. Thanks for subscribing to my blog where you may find more than 5 500 ‘full screen’ photos from Norway. However, it seems to me you’re more into writing than photgraphy/travel or may be it’s a little of everything?
    Please enjoy!

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    1. Yes writing is definitely top of the list but I enjoy travelling and photography too, and I find looking at other people’s photos can offer great inspiration for my stories.

      Norway is a beautiful country, I’ll definitely take a look at more of your amazing photos.


      1. The best way to find what you’re looking for:
        Google a map of Norway and find the location of the different counties.
        With this on a separate ‘window’, please open INDEX! (You’ll find a link at the end of any post you open!) Herte everyuthing is listed alphabetically and under its respective county. You may also read how many pictures are included in each post and the unique code of the photographer that did the job. Please enjoy!

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  3. Hi faransilverton I look forward to following your blog – I write historical fiction, love animals and reading and books are my passion. The last book I read was a Susanna Kearsley, and I also love Elizabeth Gilbert Hannah Kent and am in the middle of Liane Moriarty’s latest. Was recently blown away by The Dry by Jane Harper and my bedside pile includes Philippa Gregory, Tracey Chevalier and a crime novel by Michael Robotham. A mix, I know, always looking for the next great read! :),

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    1. Hi Suzanne, thanks for dropping past to say hi. That’s an interesting list of authors you’ve been reading.

      The Dry sounds really interesting, so that one is on my ‘to read’ list too. I have a big backlog of books sitting on my bookshelf so am trying to read all those before I buy more, but it’s so hard when there’s lots of great new books coming out all the time. One of those books is Burial Rites, and I have an Elizabeth Gilbert audiobook to listen to, when I have a moment.

      I look forward to hearing more about your writing through your blog, too.

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    1. She’s great, isn’t she? Aside from really enjoying her books, I analyse her writing as an example of how to do things well, she has such a knack for finding the right balance between description, action, character, conflict etc – all those things that make up a brilliant story.


  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog, meeting a fellow writer is always great. A fantasy enthusiast at that! I’m in the same boat — though the things I happen to post aren’t very fantasy related, I am working on a fantasy novel, which is where all those winged creatures and oil stained cottages take root.

    And Robin Hobb, you say? Good god, you have wonderful taste. The Liveship Traders Trilogy was my personal favorite. 🙂

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    1. Yep I agree it’s great to connect with other writers and esp fantasy writers. Robin Hobb’s books are brilliant, aren’t they? Always the ones to analyse for ‘how to write characters/worlds/settings etc well’.


  5. Hi Faran! A small note from EE to thee, to say cheers for taking a look at my blog these past few months. Feel free to check out my book reviews, as well as the poetry and prose…if there’s anything you would like written on (within reason) drop a line onto the inkwell, and I’ll be happy to respond…

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  6. Hi Faran. Inkdrop Calling. Cracking Site. Just a little hello from me to say TA! for dropping into the Inkwell recently (hope your boots didn’t get covered wi’ ink!). Feel free to drop me a line if there’s owt on the site you like the look of OR if you’ve got an idea you’d like me to take on. look forward to reading more from you soon.

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  7. Hi Faran. Thank you so much for following my blog Ordinary Magic:-) I too have been lucky enough to attend Masterclass with the amazing Fiona and am counting down to a five day retreat with her and two other writers in July. I write contemporary women’s fiction and am currently working on my first novel. What an honour to be selected to attend Bryce Courtenay’s final masterclass. That must have been such a humbling and special experience. I can’t wait to check out your blog. Shell.x

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