Pelicans at Batemans Bay, New South Wales

Crimson rosellas in the backyard

2016-09-14 Crimson rosellas (1).JPG

Black cockatoos – calling down the rain?

Black cockatoos at duskI’m seeing these yellow tailed black cockatoos regularly at the moment, usually in a flock of three to five, but the night I took this photo there were at least ten of them, and plenty of sulfur crested cockatoos too.

According to Australian mythology, black cockatoos are a herald of rain. I haven’t found that to be the case but they are still a pretty amazing sight. This lot were very shy the first time I saw them but now seem to be used to me crashing around with my camera in the paddocks below, trying to get that perfect shot.

Take off! Sulphur crested cockatoo


Given to fly – yellow crested black cockatoo

Black cockatoo 2015.01.13.jpg
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