Sunshine on a rainy day – iconic Holden FJ utility

Taken at the Royal Australian Mint, who are today launching a collection of coins to commemorate Holden’s most iconic models.

The second of Holden’s ‘all Australian’ cars, the FJ was produced from 1953 to 1956.

TransmUTE – mosaic Holden ute at Deniliquin

Transmute – to change the nature, form or appearance of something

Mosaic car Mosaic Holden Ute

TransmUTE is a mosaic sculpture created out of an old Holden utility. It is located at the Heritage Centre in Deniliquin, a town in Western New South Wales.

Established where the major stock routes met along the way to New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, Deni is also home to the world’s biggest ute muster, which pays tribute to Australia’s love affair with the ute as a vehicle for work and play.

Painted outback

This Holden utility, painted by Howard Steer, sits in Silverton, a tiny town near Broken Hill, New South Wales.

Silverton is famous for providing the setting for a long list of movies and advertisements, but is probably best known as the place where Mad Max 2 was filmed. 

The last of the V8 Interceptors

Pursuit Special

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a weakness for 1960s and 70s muscle cars, especially Holden Toranas and utes.

I spotted this immaculate model at a classic car show. The Mad Max movies, and the cars in them, are so iconic that I couldn’t pass up the photo opportunity.

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