50 shades of blue

This is Main Beach at Point Lookout, which stretches for 28km down the eastern side of North Stradbroke Island in Queensland, Australia. Parts of Aquaman were filmed here, and the day I took this photo, filming was underway in South Gorge, which is below the rocks on the right hand side of the photo.

Ocean and beach

Main Beach at Point Lookout, North Stradbroke Island

Hawaiian sunset – at Kailua Kona

Sun setting between two palm trees

How’s the serenity?

Writing inspiration – colours of Australia

she is forced to face dark secrets she’d hoped to leave buried in the red dirt

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Aussie snow

Snow on tree branch

Morning snow in the Australian bush

Neptune’s necklace

Hormosira banksii, a seaweed native to New Zealand and Australia, growing in a New South Wales south coast rockpool. This seaweed is also known as also known as Neptune’s necklace, Neptune’s pearls and – my favourite name for it – bubbleweed.

The sea snails are Black Nerite Nerita atramentosa, commonly known as black periwinkles.

Rockpool with seaweed and sea snails

Guerilla Bay Rockpool

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