Cascade at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, South Australia

‘Cascade’ – sculpture by Sergio Redegalli

I took this photo of the ‘Cascade’ glass sculpture by Sergio Redegalli when I attended amazing bestselling fiction author Fiona McIntosh‘s Commercial Fiction Masterclass at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens in South Australia. Apparently this piece weighs 12 tonnes!

I only realised just now that the reflection of the Palm House on the left hand side looks like part of the wave. And yes, that is a duck photobombing on the other side of the water.

I’ve previously written about attending other writers’ weekends with Fiona – you can read more at An author’s journey – the business of writing (2015) and Business of writing – building your brand (2016).


An author’s journey – the business of writing

Last weekend I had the extraordinary privilege of attending Fiona McIntosh’s Business of Writing seminar, in the South Australian Clare Valley. Seven guest presenters spoke to a group of emerging writers about commercial publishing and how to build a profile as an author.

It was an informative and fun weekend with a great group of people who are all so passionate about books and writing. I really appreciated the generosity of the publishing professionals in sharing their knowledge and insight with us.

It was also brilliant to meet and chat to other writers who are either already published, about to be published or, like me, working on their first manuscript.

Onwards and upwards!

Goodies from the Clare Valley