What inspires you? Part 2 – outback flowers, New South Wales

2006-10-01 Outback flowers.JPG

I took this photo on a remote cattle station in the pastoral country between Broken Hill and Wilcannia, far west New South Wales. The bright little flowers are such a stark contrast to the red dirt in this semi-arid part of Australia. It’s one of the reasons I’m so fascinated with Australia and using it as inspiration for my writing. It opens up so many possibilities for worldbuilding and unique settings in fantasy fiction – I feel so lucky that I’m in a position to explore it.

So, please share with me, what inspires you? If you write, where do you get ideas for your stories and settings?

Wattle it be, mate?

Wattle WM.png

To most Australians, these little yellow flowers are a symbol of our country, our ‘green and gold’, the onset of our much beloved summer, and all the allergies it brings!

The common name for the Acacia in this photo is black wattle, although I’m not sure of the exact species.